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Unleashing the Power of Stem Cells

Golden Ridge Surgery and Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center, are excited to offer our patients an innovative approach to treating pain. Stem cell therapy offers a natural way to boost your body’s healing power, helping you return to the activities you love. The process is simple, low risk and can improve your chances of recovering from an injury or condition or in some cases they can aid in the healing process from surgery.

Stem cells are the building and healing agents in your blood, bones, tissue and muscles that have been at work since you were born, helping you to physically grow into the person you are today.

In stem cell therapy, our experienced doctors strategically position these powerful cells, in a concentrated form, where they are needed most – where your body is hurting. Nature does the rest.

Ask us about this alternative today. Stem cell therapy might be the solution you have been seeking to help relieve your pain and improve your function, more quickly than you could do on your own.