Golden Ridge Surgery Center is an alliance of compassionate, competent, caring health care professionals committed to providing quality, cost-effective musculoskeletal care, while striving to continually improve patient care through evolving technology and professional development.

Day Of Your Surgery

Food & Drink:
Do not eat or drink ANYTHING after midnight unless specifically directed by the nurse or anesthesiologist – this includes, gum, candy, water, coffee, toast, and smoking.

Cardiovascular Medications:
If directed by a doctor, you may take prescribed medications for heart, blood pressure or lungs with a VERY SMALL amount of water prior to surgery.

Diabetic Protocol:
– Do not take oral hypoglycemic medications
– Check blood sugar at home before your come
– Bring insulin with you to the center
– Recheck blood sugar upon admission

Bring with you:
– Signed Advance Notice form
– Completed Communications Release
– Your Insurance Card (if applicable)
– Picture Identification
– Responsible adult to accompany you to and from the center and stay with you for 24 hours following procedure

To leave at home or with a responsible party:
– Jewelry including all body piercings
– Contact lens
– As many personal items as possible

Other items to consider:
– Please call our Pre-Admissions nurse (303-963-1552) as soon as possible if you notice any symptoms of cold, flu, fever or infection.

– Shower the morning of your procedure; this will decrease the risk of infection

– Do not wear make-up, contact lenses or jewelry of any kind.  We will not be responsible for lost items.

– If you wear dentures, you may be asked to remove them just before going into the operating room

– Your visitors should plan to wait in our waiting area until your surgery is over and your physician has spoken with them